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Small to Large Tree Pruning

Full-service pruning from small, ornamental trees to large, mature species. Services include deadwood removal, canopy reduction, thinning, shaping, and more.

Pruning at Marcucci and Co. is a vocation we take very seriously. The art of pruning trees both small and large is one often overlooked by almost all other tree services in the Main Line. Proper pruning takes years of on-site training as well as an educational background of tree health.

Whether we are performing reduction cuts in a towering Swamp White Oak or thinning and shaping a colorful Kwanzan Cherry, a plethora of technical knowledge is needed to make sure the tree is aesthetically pleasing, but more importantly, responding to the techniques being used. Let us properly care for the trees on your property to ensure lifetimes of canopy enjoyment that outlast us all.

Cabling & Bracing

We are strong believers in the necessity of bracing techniques to establish a strong tree-support system. These techniques include steel-cable installation for large, mature trees, and swage cables in smaller, more delicate specimens.

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